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"VendorNet's credentials and its plug-and-play integration with eBay Enterprise made our technology decision fast and simple. It was obvious from VendorNet’s cross-channel expertise and strong relationships with its customers that StoreNet was a proven product. VendorNet is an established brand within the eBay Enterprise family, which gave us great confidence in our selection."

Jesper Arvidsson,
Head of Ecommerce Business Development
IC Companys

Order Management is complex.

But not when it’s optimized for retail and only retail.

One size does not fit all when it comes to order management systems. The only way to effectively connect demand to supply is through a retail optimized order management system that has an accurate view of all inventory locations, and the intelligence to route orders to the optimum inventory source for fulfillment - a system that is solely focused on retail and the specific requirements of closing the gap between all sales and fulfillment channels to deliver best source fulfillment.

eBay Enterprise delivers on this experience with an order management system fully optimized for retail that leverages intelligent order brokering capabilities to streamline sales and fulfillment. Acting as the neural network for order allocation and distribution, our Order Broker technology ensures customers have a satisfying shopping experience at their selected point of purchase, while optimizing inventory and fulfillment profitability for retailers.

And because our order brokering technology is modular, retailers using third-party or in-house order management systems, can also leverage the power of Order Broker for true distributed order management.

Order Broker intelligently routes orders to the best fulfillment location based on a sophisticated rules-based order allocation engine. Rules such as proximity to the customer, product sell through and overstocks, lowest transportation costs, shortest delivery time, lowest product costs, safety stock levels, and foot traffic in stores are just some of the retailer-defined variables that can be customized to drive the selection of the final fulfillment location.